During the months of August and September we are spending 50 days of study on the Holy Spirit, and there are multiple ways you can be a part of this exciting time! First, join us every Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. in person (with social distancing) on our campus, or virtually by way of our Facebook page.  Each Monday we will spend 20-30 minutes talking about our latest experiences or questions regarding God's Holy Spirit.  Second, join us in reading the book by Billy Graham titled "The Holy Spirit."  Each week we will read three chapters of this book and share our understanding of the various topics related to the Holy Spirit.  Third, join us each Sunday at 3 p.m. on our campus (with social distancing) or online watching a classic video sermon by Billy Graham on various subjects related to the Holy Spirit.  Fourthly, join us on our Holy Spirit blog at http://ChristOurSaviorUMC.com by reading and interacting with our various posts, or even post something yourself! And lastly, email your questions about the Holy Spirit or anything we read or talk about during this time to pastor@cosumc.com and we will attempt to address it on our next live-streaming or blog.
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