June 2023

Finding Peace and Joy When Troubled and Afraid

John 14:2

May 2023

The Army of God

Joshua 1:9



Jeremiah 29:11

April 2023

“The God Who Verifies”


When Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh, they did so, just as the Lord had commanded them – Aaron threw down his staff before Pharaoh and his servants and it became a snake. (Exodus, Chapter 7, 10). Woodcut engraving after a drawing by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (German painter, 1794 – 1872), published in 1877.

Exodus 4: 1-9

False Teachers

Mark 13: 14-27

The Resurrection

Luke 24:1-12

The Time Is Now

Luke 19: 28-39

March 2023

The God Who Is

Exodus 3:13-22

The God That Comes To Us

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-12

Joy, Submission , and Gratefulness

Scripture: Psalms 100