March 2021



Scripture: Luke 22:54-62

People Wonder About Jesus Part 2

Scripture Mark 3:19b-27

People Wonder About Jesus

Scripture: Mark 3:19b – 35

February 2021

Everyone Is Welcome

Scripture: Mark 3:7-12

Everyone Is Welcome In The Kingdom

Scripture: Mark 3:7-12
Note: we had technical difficulties during the service today so the volume level of the service is lower than normal and also for a short time during Pastor Tim’s sermon we did not have audio.

Jesus Is Lord, part 2

Scripture: Mark 3:1-6

Jesus is Lord

Scripture Mark 2:23-28

January 2021

Old and New

Mark 2:18-22

Jesus Questioned About Fasting

18 Now John’s disciples and the Pharisees were fasting. Some people came and asked Jesus,

Jesus Calls Us

Scripture Mark 2: 13-17

Jesus Heals

January 17, 2021
Message “ Jesus Heals “
By Pastor Tim Ross
Scripture Mark 2:1-12