August 2018

“When The Writing Is On The Wall”

When it becomes clear that your life is not working out for you, turn your life over to the One who is working it out for you.

July 2018

When You Think You Are Pretty Hot Stuff

God is king of all the universe and you, and embracing this God and truth gives us all the strength, courage, and comfort we need to face any challenge.

When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

God is worthy of worship and service because He fights for, guards, guides and protects His children no matter the circumstances.

When God Reveals Mysteries

If God guides & controls kings and nations and history, (and He does), God can certainly guide & control you, your life, and history.

When You Think You’ve Lost It All

God is at work in His children’s lives, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, accomplishing His purposes and building His kingdom, even when we least expect it.

June 2018

Controlled by the Spirit

God the Father desires you and wants to give you life and peace as you are controlled by the Holy Spirit of Christ.

May 2018

Life & Death

 Christians are brought out of death into life because of what God the Father did through God the Son Jesus Christ, and is applied to us through the power of God the Holy Spirit.

Wherever You Go – The Cost of Discipleship

WHERE-EVER YOU ARE, WHEN-EVER YOU GO, WHAT-EVER YOU DO: The cost of discipleship involves your entire life.

Growing A Disciple

Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ means seizing, holding on to, and sticking with the Word of God, until there is a harvest.

April 2018

The Challenge of Discipleship

Jesus succeeded where we failed so that we don’t have to fail, but even if we do, Jesus gives us His success / righteousness.