December 2018

A Branch

Jesus is coming to restore every single aspect of God’s original and perfect creation.

November 2018

A Child


In the person of Jesus Christ our gloom has ended and our joy has just begun.

Post Transformation Stress Disorder

Post Transformation Stress Disorder” by Rev. Jeff Elmore from 2nd Corinthians 5:17

The Lord Is Mighty


We will triumph and have victory because the Lord has done mighty things for us.

The Lord Is God


Knowing that we belong to God, should cause us to be continually full of thanksgiving, joy, and praise.

October 2018

The Lord Is Gracious


God satisfies and fulfills the desires of every living thing and all those who call on him in truth.

The Lord Is Great


The Lord our God is so great that he formed us, redeems us, sustains us, gives us perfect rest, and blesses us with the greatest joy and thanksgiving a person could ever desire.

The Lord Is Love


We can give thanks to the Lord through all of life’s circumstances because God’s love endures forever, through everything.

The Lord Is Good


God is worth praising because he delivers those who take refuge in him from their fears & troubles.

September 2018

Rising, Resting, and Receiving


Christians can REST in God’s protection, RISE with God’s deliverance, and RECEIVE their inheritance.