February 2018

Mary’s Deliberation

The facts of God’s great love for us far exceeds our questions and fears and leads unto into a glorious freedom to live life as our Lord the Holy Spirit intended for us.

January 2018

“Bathsheba’s Destination”

This life is filled with all kinds of hurts and pain, but God’s final destination for us is healing, wholeness and a life spent in His glorious presence forever.

Ruth’s Dedication

God turns tragedy and bitterness into blessings and a lasting history when we place our lives in God’s hands.

“Rahab’s Determination”

The only background that matters to God is not your determination to cling to your religious pedigree or superiority, but a determined faith in the pedigree and superiority of Jesus Christ.

“Tamar’s Desperation”

Thank God that God is not limited by our sin, and can use our errant, sinful, rebellious, stupid, and devious acts to accomplish his purposes and plan for history. 

December 2017

“Something New”

“The Glory of the Lord … In Us”

God is so active in your life at all times and in every way that no one and nothing can take you out of His hand.

“The Glory of the Lord … For Us”

When we think about the glory of the Lord’s courage, bravery, faithfulness, love, integrity, diligence, and endurance despite all the odds; the Holy Spirit increasingly transforms us into Jesus’ image.

“The Glory of the Lord … In The Cloud”

Entering, experiencing, and enveloped by the glory of God transforms everything you are and everything you do.

“The Glory of the Lord … Revealed”

The fact that God wants us to be in His holy presence, and has made that possible by the death of Jesus means; we no longer live in fear but live in the glorious freedom of Jesus Christ.