September 2018

The End of The End


The covenant that God has made for us in Jesus Christ far exceeds any attempt to draw us way from Him.

Standing Strong


Standing strong in the spiritual war that surrounds us requires knowing the truth about ourselves that God has promised.

Our Great and Awesome God


God is awesome and great to us because of His word, love, mercy, forgiveness, righteousness, closeness, understanding and restoration. Not because we have anything good to offer to God.

August 2018

The Appointed Time of the End


God takes the worst of times and turns it into the best of times for His redeemed.

Boastful Words Against God and His People


The battle for God’s kingdom in you is strong, and Christ will win that battle for you.

“When It Doesn’t Make Sense to Give Thanks”

Thank God anyway, because God always rescues His people, even though it doesn’t always appear to be the case or happen right away.


“When The Writing Is On The Wall”


When it becomes clear that your life is not working out for you, turn your life over to the One who is working it out for you.

July 2018

When You Think You Are Pretty Hot Stuff


God is king of all the universe and you, and embracing this God and truth gives us all the strength, courage, and comfort we need to face any challenge.

When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

God is worthy of worship and service because He fights for, guards, guides and protects His children no matter the circumstances.

When God Reveals Mysteries


If God guides & controls kings and nations and history, (and He does), God can certainly guide & control you, your life, and history.