July 2018

When You Think You’ve Lost It All


God is at work in His children’s lives, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, accomplishing His purposes and building His kingdom, even when we least expect it.

June 2018

Controlled by the Spirit


God the Father desires you and wants to give you life and peace as you are controlled by the Holy Spirit of Christ.

May 2018

Life & Death

 Christians are brought out of death into life because of what God the Father did through God the Son Jesus Christ, and is applied to us through the power of God the Holy Spirit.

Wherever You Go – The Cost of Discipleship


The cost of discipleship involves your entire life.

Growing A Disciple


Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ means seizing, holding on to, and sticking with the Word of God, until there is a harvest.

April 2018

The Challenge of Discipleship


Jesus succeeded where we failed so that we don’t have to fail, but even if we do, Jesus gives us His success / righteousness.

Walking With Jesus


A true follower of Jesus looks to Jesus for their qualification, righteousness, and pure heart; not others nor anything else.

Freedom To Fail


No matter what your failure, trust God to complete the work he began in your life.

Freedom To Live


Jesus came so that we might have real and eternal life, a better life than we’ve ever dreamed.

March 2018

Joyful Praise – Joyful Endurance


Joyful praise during the challenging times of life is not based on our circumstances or situation, but on God’s promises and faithfulness.