April 2016

“A Dead Man Got Up & Walked”

Jesus Came, Jesus is Coming, Jesus is Coming Soon.

March 2016

“Pure Love”

The everlasting love of God drove Jesus to the cross for our salvation.

“Pure Worship”

Pure worship is unconditional surrender, unconditional devotion, and unconditional intimacy.

“The Spirit’s Work”

  1. … God’s presence and power in our lives
  2. … empowering us to die and rise with Christ again and again.
  3. … empowering us to love and grow

February 2016

“Just Pray Boldly”

God wants us to shamelessly, boldly, aggressively and trustingly come to him as a child comes to a father, asking for all of our needs.

“Just Get The Power”

The Spirit of God is at work in us to become more fully aware of the love of Christ so that we are filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

“Just Say The Word”

Everybody has faith in something. Are you putting your faith in the One who is rock solid?

January 2016

“The Story of a Passionate Church”

Living in the grace of God results in giving yourself to the Lord first, and his people second.

“The Story of a Passionate Leader”

God owns everything and should be thanked for everything.

“The Story of a Passionate God”

I can trust God totally because He … 1 – Knows Me Completely, 2 – Is with me Always, 3 – Has Made Me Wonderfully