February 2017

“The Justice of God”

Knowing that God always does what is right gives His children the confidence to trust God for the past, present and future, and the ability to be free from bitterness, grief and despair.

“The Transcendence of God”

Knowing that God is transcendent above and beyond all that exists, allows us to know God can and will eventually set the record straight and restore His children to fullness and wholeness.

“The Immutability of God”

Knowing the amazing consistency and changelessness of God gives us the confidence to know that God will take care of us, to the point that we can freely trust God with all that is our life.

January 2017

“The Steadfastness of God”

Knowing the unrelenting, steadfast commitment of God’s covenant to us makes us even more eager to do what God requires.

“The Greatness of God”

Knowing both the greatness and the graciousness of God leads to a life that honors God and heals us.

December 2016

“The Surprise of Peace”

Biblical peace is not the cessation of hostilities, but the calming presence of God amid the hostilities. 

“The Thrill of Hope”

Biblical hope is not a wish, a desire, or a dream we have; but is based on the certainty of God’s promise, not our own striving, working, or faithfulness.

September 2016

“Where, Lord?”

August 2016

“Who Lord?”

“When Lord?”