April 2020

The Word of Life

Jesus is the Word of Life who has appeared to us and has given us a living, dynamic, personal relationship with God.


The resurrection of Jesus proves that we are free from this world and will enjoy a blissful eternity with the God of the universe.

Embrace God’s Favor

God is our protection, perfection, and provision, no matter what comes our way.

March 2020

Embrace Your Strength

The Lord is very close in times of trouble, and longs to be with us and strengthen us.

Embrace Your Blessings

When life throws us a curve, we can stay strong and steady, knowing that the Lord Almighty lives within us.

Embrace The Love

God’s tremendous and unfailing love for us far outweighs and overcomes all that this worldly life has to offer.

Embrace The Pain

Jesus felt every pain we experience, and promises to see us through it.

February 2020

Embrace the Son

Despite all the useless attempts of kings and kingdoms to rule the earth, the Lord has set up His Son Jesus to be King and Christ forever.

Sealed In Christ

Because God has sealed us for the day of redemption, we should respond by being kind, compassionate and forgiving ... building up the body of Christ until He returns to take us home.

Clothed in Christ

God created us to be made new with the truth that is in Jesus.