June 2020

Ouch! A God Willing To Forgive

Many are the troubles of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds everyone who trusts in the Lord.

May 2020

Wow! The God Worth Our Adoration

The Lord’s greatness is beyond our ability to express but is worthy our continual devotion and praise.

The Prayer of Life

Prayers to God that overcome the world include praising God, agreeing with God, thanking God and asking God.

The Light of Life

The brilliant, incomparable, unapproachable light of the world in the person of Jesus, has demonstrated His love to us by removing darkness from us and within us.

The Commands of Life

God has provided everything we need to be close to Him, to know Him, and to love Him, for now and forever.

April 2020

The Truth of Life

Living in the truth of Jesus delivers us from our own false sense of purity into the true forgiveness and purity of the Lord himself.

The Word of Life

Jesus is the Word of Life who has appeared to us and has given us a living, dynamic, personal relationship with God.


The resurrection of Jesus proves that we are free from this world and will enjoy a blissful eternity with the God of the universe.

Embrace God’s Favor


God is our protection, perfection, and provision, no matter what comes our way.

March 2020

Embrace Your Strength

The Lord is very close in times of trouble, and longs to be with us and strengthen us.