September 2019


The Lord always accomplishes his plan for his people.

August 2019


Experiencing all that God has for us requires admitting our sin, accepting God’s solution, & adoring our God.


When You Thought You Were Doing So Well, And Found Out You Weren’t That Strong God is still at work in us even when we mess up.


We have everything we need to take down the walls that hold us back from everything God has for us.

A Fresh Start

Victory in this life means dependence on the Lord’s forgiveness, healing, pleasure, and freedom ... not ours.

July 2019

Twelve Smooth Stones

God is moving us from our places of comfort to places of greater blessing so that His power and glory might take center stage, not us.

Moving Out

We can move out through every challenge in life, because God has promised His presence and provision for the journey.

The Gospel According to Rahab

A strong and courageous follower of Jesus acknowledges their sin, accepts the lead of Christ, and enjoys the mercy of God.

June 2019

Risking, Reaching & Resting

Being a strong and courageous Christian requires us to step out, move forward and trust in God’s provision.

Strong & Courageous

We can be strong and courageous despite our fears, because our great Lord and Savior has gone before us and has already given us everything we need.