April 2019

Sadness & Joy

Because of Jesus’ victory, we are confident that God will never reject us.

Lamb and King

No matter how shattered life looks or how confusing the pieces are; two things will always be true – Jesus loves you and rules for you.

March 2019

Punishment and Freedom

We can try to run from punishment, or we can follow Jesus into freedom. 

Guilt & Innocence

 Jesus lived a perfect life and died a miserable death to make the promise of God’s love come true – for you.

Prepare & Watch

 Recognizing the foolishly fragrant, wonderfully wasteful love of God at work – for you.

Death & Glory

On the worst day in the history of the world God was making crystal-clear the certainty of his love – for you.

The Problem of Religion

Being under the authority and control of God keeps us from having to keep others under our control and authority.

February 2019

The Problem of Suffering

Suffering is real, a result of the fall, but does have its purpose in God’s plan, and will ultimately be done away.

The Problem of Doubts

God uses difficult times to turn our doubts into faith, peace, and forgiveness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Problem of the Bible

You can know with certainty that God’s word is the most accurate, authoritative, and to-be-trusted text in the history of the world.