January 2020


Our Life is Made Possible By Christ, and is to be lived For Christ.


We often fear the worst, but God is always working in, through, and around us for the best.

December 2019

God’s Promise & Our Comfort

The Lord promises to use the soul-piercing events in our lives to bring more grace, salvation, and joy into the world than we could have ever imagined.

God’s Glory & Our Peace

God wants to be the most glorious person in your life, so you can have the most glorious peace of your life.

God’s Plans & Your Plans

Despite our doubts or misgivings, God is busily at work in our lives to work out all things for His glory and our good.

The Life God Blesses

By His own free will and favor, God wants to fill us with His Holy Spirit, to do in us what he has done for hundreds and thousands of years … for hundreds & thousands of his people.

Waiting & Wondering

God is making ready a people prepared just for Him.

November 2019

Everyone Loves To Know … How A Mystery Will End

Since we know that God’s purposes have already been accomplished through Christ Jesus our Lord, we can be confident, encouraged, connected, and strengthened in all things.

Everyone Loves To Be … ‘In’ On The Mystery

  Being ‘in the loop’ on God’s mystery makes our lives exciting, purposeful, and full of courage, now and forever.

Everyone Loves … A Good Mystery

The mystery of God is His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.