June 2019

Risking, Reaching & Resting

Being a strong and courageous Christian requires us to step out, move forward and trust in God’s provision.

Strong & Courageous

We can be strong and courageous despite our fears, because our great Lord and Savior has gone before us and has already given us everything we need.

Assured by the Spirit

The Lord our God wants you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have Christ in your life, resurrection during life, victory over life, and glory after life.

Hope, Joy & Peace in the Holy Spirit

God Fills You with Hope, Joy, & Peace, and more … As You Trust in Him …By the Power of the Holy Spirit

May 2019

The Days of Noah

Being ready for Jesus’ imminent return, means keeping watch so that the thief doesn’t break into your house.

Lightning From Heaven

Jesus’ return from heaven will be personal, visible, and glorious … a blessed hope for which we should constantly watch, pray, expect, and rejoice in.

The Abomination

God has you so firmly in His hand that it is not possible for His elect to be deceived.

April 2019

Watch Out

Great deception is taking place in our world, but those who stand firm to the end will be saved.

Sadness & Joy

Because of Jesus’ victory, we are confident that God will never reject us.

Lamb and King

No matter how shattered life looks or how confusing the pieces are; two things will always be true – Jesus loves you and rules for you.