October 2017

“Sola Fide – Faith Alone”

We are made right with God by faith in Christ, not by observing any laws.

“Meditating on the Word of God”

Christian meditation is to think about, contemplate, consider, cogitate about, ruminate on, and chew on … what God’s Word, the Bible, says to us.

“Memorizing the Word of God”

Memorizing God’s Word enables us to use the Sword of the Spirit to overcome the temptations and trials of life.

September 2017

“Studying the Word of God”

Studying the Scriptures requires greater time and effort, but results in deeper convictions, increased understanding, and greater joy.   

“Reading the Word of God”

Reading the Word moves us from passive (hearing) to active (participation) with God’s Word; allows us to absorb the truths of Scripture before moving on; and remains the most basic way to interact personally with the Bible. 

“Hearing the Word of God”

“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” – Romans 10:17

August 2017

“The Mercy of the Lord”

Our future is determined by what God has done and what God will do, not what the evil people in society are doing now.

“The Accusation of the Lord”

We are a whole lot worse than we think we are. But God is a whole lot greater than we think He is.

“The Ruler of the Lord”

Jesus Christ is the only leader on the face of this earth who can bring lasting peace and destroy all evil forever.

“The Mountain of the Lord”

The amazing grace of God always brings victory out of tragedy for the people of God.