January 2016

“The Story of a Passionate Leader”

God owns everything and should be thanked for everything.

“The Story of a Passionate God”

I can trust God totally because He … 1 – Knows Me Completely, 2 – Is with me Always, 3 – Has Made Me Wonderfully

“The Story of the Passionate Manager”

Living in the grace of God results in giving yourself to the Lord first, and his people second.

“The Heart of God”

“I’ve had this planned for when the time was just right.”- God 

December 2015

“The Shepherd’s Heart”

You’ve been chosen shepherds, not because of any goodness on your part, or anything you have done, but simply by God’s favor and sovereign choice.

“The Magi’s Heart”

“We’ve checked all the signs.  We’ve done some serious research.  Where is this King? We’ve got some worshiping to do1”

“Joseph’s Heart”

Why is this happening to me?  This is happening Joseph, because God is with you, to conquer your fear, working to save His people from their sins.

“Mary’s Heart”

How Can This Be Happening to Me? It’s happening Mary, because of God’s amazing grace, through the Holy Spirit, Who will overshadow you.

October 2015

“Enriched By Prayer”

Overall Theme: You can stand strong in evil times when you are … Encouraged by the Word, Empowered by the Spirit, and Enriched by Prayer.

“Empowered by the Spirit”

No matter what happens, a Christian is never left alone, and always has the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives to live confidently for God.